Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Connor and Aidan McCandless, grade 7 students at St. John Vianney Catholic Elementary School are HUGE Maple Leafs Fans.  In fact they are geeked about all sports, but hockey and the Leafs are definitely their favourites.  Both boys have been students at SJV since Kindergarten.  They are immersed in all aspects of student life as they belong to the school choir, sign language club, boys' basketball, track and cross country teams to name a few.

Connor and Aidan arrive at school each day with a "Spirit" second to none.  They embrace all members of our community with warmth, enthusiasm and smiles that spread from ear to ear.  Their impact on all those who have the good fortune of knowing them is immeasurable.  So much so, that the grade 8 graduating class wanted to do something for them prior to their departure in June 2013.  Hence, the idea was born to send the boys to a Toronto Maple Leafs play-off game and this is going to happen tomorrow night.

The following is the excerpt from the assembly presentation today:

Reese's Story:

So last Wednesday, Smeykel and I were walking in the halls and we saw Connor.  We walked up to him and asked him if he was excited for the Leafs game.   He said he couldn't wait.  We then began to ask if he had ever been to a Leafs game and he replied saying, "No, But I wish I could."  

So for all the joy you've brought to our school throughout the years, we wanted to give you boys a huge thank you.  The grade eights decided to put a large amount of time and effort to get tickets to tomorrows Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff Game.  We wanted to make sure you both got to experience your beloved Leafs in Toronto.  Here boys these are for you!  

So on behalf of the entire grade eight class we hope you have an amazing time at the game.  By the way, we are going to buy you some jerseys at the game so you guys have something to remember this by.  Make sure you take lots of pictures.

Go Leafs Go!   Go Leafs Go!

The happy fans with the Grade 8's.

Wondering what this assembly is all about.

We stand now for our National Anthem.
Thank you for all you have taught us.