Thursday, February 28, 2013

SJV Chess Stars

On Wednesday, February 27, twenty-nine students from our Chess Club participated in the Chess Challenge Tournament at the Ciociaro Club.  Over the two days of the tournament, over 1000 students from Windsor and Essex County participated.  Almost half of our students who attended won medals in their sections:
        Gold medals:  Anthony Cristofanilli (Gr. 3), Hannah Drew (Gr. 6),
                            Ben St. Amour (Gr. 7)
        Silver medals:  Dane Hostrawer (Gr. 3), Owen Smith (Gr. 3),
                               Alek Mauro (Gr. 5), Edward Beshiri (Gr. 6),
                               Jordan Maadi (Gr. 6), Denroi Clemente (Gr. 8)
        Bronze medals:  Andrew Miletic (Gr. 3), Ryan Denomme (Gr. 5),
                                Nick Cull (Gr. 8)